For questions on how bad weather affects our ELL Program, check out the following school closings policies:

There will no ELL classes tomorrow, January 31st, due to the cold weather.

No habrá clases de ELL mañana, 31 de enero, debido al clima frío.

Teachers, we will have a teacher’s meeting after class on February 7th. I will ring the bell 11:00 in the am and 8:00 in the pm. Please bring your class lists I gave you a few weeks ago, if you haven’t already given it to me. Thank you

Students, ELL Teachers and Staff:

If the Robertson County school system is closed due to bad weather, ELL IS ALSO closed.

If schools are delayed one or two hours late, ELL classes WILL NOT MEET in the morning, but we WILL have ELL at night.                                                              If schools close early during the school day due to snow or bad weather and we are still in morning ELL, we will dismiss so parents can pick up their children or be home when they arrive from school. WE WILL NOT have PM ELL.                                                                                Always go to our ELL website to verify if there is a school closure – ellrobertsoncounty.wordpress.com It will also be posted on Whatsap. If you are not on Whatsap, check with Luis Lopez, so he can sign up for our ELL list.

Estudiantes de ELL:
Si el sistema escolar del condado de Robertson está cerrado debido al mal clima, ELL TAMBIÉN está cerrado. Si las escuelas se retrasan una o dos horas tarde, las clases de ELL NO SE REUNIRÁN en la mañana, solo por la mañana. Tendremos ELL en la noche. Si las escuelas cierran temprano durante el día escolar debido a la nieve o al mal tiempo y todavía estamos en AM ELL, despediremos a ELL para que los padres puedan recoger a sus hijos o estar en casa cuando lleguen de la escuela. NO TENEMOS PM ELL. Siempre vaya a nuestro sitio web de ELL para verificar si hay un cierre de la escuela – ellrobertsoncounty.wordpress.com También se publicará en Whatsap. Si no está en Whatsap, consulte con Luis López, para que pueda inscribirse en nuestra lista de ELL

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This dear sweet lady and her husband are the founders of our ELL Program.  We shall never forget you Mr. and Mrs. Grossman.  We give God all the Glory and Honor for this ELL mission!

Springfield City has voted to have a two hour only parking on Main Street from 8 am to 6 pm. That means that we will not be able to park on Main Street for the morning session (9-11:30). You will be able to park in the 4th street parking lot or the back lot of the church, where we  meet during our special meals.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

We are excited to be able to offer Citizenship classes as well as HISET classes. (HISET classes are replacing GED classes in Tennessee as of June 1, 2016.