La Sra. Phyllis y yo hemos discutido el tema del virus COVID 19. Ayer, la Asociación Bautista del Condado de Robertson decidió suspender todas las reuniones hasta finales de abril. Con respecto al virus, hemos decidido cancelar ELL por el resto de este año escolar. Habíamos planeado hacer la graduación el 14 de mayo. ¡No tendría tiempo suficiente para preparar los diplomas, además, la seguridad de la vida de todos es de suma importancia en este momento!

Cuídate y que Dios bendiga a todos durante este momento crucial. Nos veremos todos de regreso a ELL el 20 de agosto de 2020 (TAL VEZ)

Lamentamos informar que como medida de precaución por la pandemia del  COVID-19  (Corona virus), las clases de inglés, ciudadanía y HiSET han sido suspendidas por el resto del semestre de primavera. Estas reinciarán, Dios mediante, el jueves, 20 de Agosto, 2020.

Mrs. Phyllis and I have discussed the issue of the COVID 19 virus. Yesterday, Robertson County Baptist Association decided to suspend every in-person meeting until the end of April. (They will still have online meetings)

We regret to inform you that as a precautious measure for the COVID-19 Corona Virus pandemic, the English, citizenship and HiSET classes have been canceled for the rest of the spring semester. Classes will start again, God willing, Thursday, August 20th, 2020.

Take care, stay safe and May God Bless everyone during this crucial time. We will see everyone back to ELL on August 20th, 2020 (MAYBE)




KEEP LEARNING YOUR ENGLISH! While we are away from the classroom, click onto the following link to learn English: http://Duolingo.com

  Purpose Statement

The purpose of  “English Language Learners” is to be a ministry at Springfield Baptist Church and to reveal God’s glory as we teach people the English Language and help them learn and develop the language skills needed that are so necessary to function effectively in an English speaking community,


We meet at Springfield Baptist Church, 400 North Main Street, across from The Center, during the Robertson County school year .

Classes are offered twice on Thursdays: 9:00-11:30 am and again at 6:00 to 8:30 pm

Our students are placed in classes from Introduction to Advanced levels and also have a Citizenship as well as HiSET classes.  (HiSET classes replaced GED as of June 1st, 2016 in Tennessee and stands for High School Equivalency Test)

Free childcare is offered for student’s children under 10 years of age .  For evening class students, we  also offer a class for the school-age children. Each child in childcare enjoys activities, crafts, snacks and help with homework if needed while parents are attending ELL classes.

We start each ELL session with the students coming and signing in, sharing a short devotional in our chapel, and enjoying snacks before going to class.

First time students are given a test to help find the right classroom for their English needs.  Each student will then receive a set of two books in the class level they tested for a charge of $30.00. This is the only charge, the classes, childcare (see note about childcare on the Update page) and snacks are free.

We are sponsored by the Robertson County Baptist Association Ethnic Fund and partner with the Robertson County School System .

This dear sweet lady and her husband are the founders of our ELL Program in 1999.  They have both gone to their reward in heaven. We shall never forget you Mr. and Mrs. Grossman.  We give God all the Glory and Honor for this ELL mission!

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